Welcome to Phase Two of the Get On Board Project

Get On Board was born from the innovative idea of owner and tattoo artist of Rayzor Tattoos, Ray Young. By combining his love of art with his passion for skateboarding and utilizing his current role as a well-known and sought-after tattoo artist, he was able to create this unique and well-developed charitable project. Talented partner, Steve Skelly, and the lovely shop manager, Michelle Mannix, have truly helped create a working team of individuals who have brought this project to life. Not only are events successful, they are fun and inspiring to all who attend and participate. Each piece of art is created by Tattoo Artists using blank skateboard decks as their canvas. Their masterpieces are then auctioned or sold, depending upon the venue, and all proceeds are directly donated to The Autism Society Greater Harrisburg Area to help local families affected by autism. Tattoo Artists who participate in the event do so with no compensation. They donate their time and talent for this wonderful cause!

The Autism Society Greater Harrisburg Area receives 100% of all funds raised by the Get On Board project and Board of Director Liaison, Leora Smith Appleby, attends events in order to answer autism related questions, provide information to families, or simply talk with individuals about the project as it relates to ASGHA.  So far nearly $5,000 has been raised for ASGHA in a matter of 4 shows over a time span of 7 months! That is an amazing figure and we at Get On Board are extremely proud of all we have done for the families and community of the Greater Harrisburg Area, but we KNOW we can do more!

Which is why we have decided to take things to the next level and enter the world of Social Media. We hope to reach a wider audience and share the Sprit of Giving far and Wide! That means we will need your help! When we post events and photos of our brilliant art… please share them, like them, and spread the word! We want the world to know what we are doing and become involved. We truly believe Communities CAN make a difference as we have seen this first hand. Our local Autism Society helps local families in so many ways and hosting these events brings so much awareness to those who may not know this group is there to help! It also helps bring awareness to individuals who may not know what autism is!

Which brings another point to this page… We are going to be including lots of links here and will be adding more as time goes on, so keep checking back to see what’s new. We are all about Awareness, Stepping Outside of ourselves to do more for others, and helping make our local communities better and more inclusive places for ALL individuals!

So join in and if you would like to participate in creating the Artwork you see, find the link for Rayzor Tattoos and ask for Michelle Mannix. She can provide you with the guidelines and exactly what we expect from donating artists! If you have any questions in regard to Autism, look to Autism Society GHA or contact the webpage and we can put you in touch with Leora Appleby, our direct link the Board of Directors at ASGHA. She is always happy to help and answer questions! And if you are not an artist but want to help participate in this wonderful event through a donation, look for the Paypal Button. This button is directly linked to The Autism Society Greater Harrisburg Area. We do NOT directly handle ANY donated funds, but donations through this button are tagged with the Get On Board Project so should you wish to make a donation for something specific like promotional materials or blank boards, simply put that in the donation tagline!

We are so excited about the great start to our project and for all that lies ahead! Keep your eyes peeled… Lots of exciting events await!!!!!


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